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Feeling Grateful

5.5.17 There’s this time between seasons, when there seems to be a lull – it seems nothing is happening; a void between what was and what will come. But the signs of spring and the farewell to winter continue to be undeniable: trout lilies, bellwort, trillium and dutchman’s breeches litter the forest floor. While Squabetty is a special place any season of the year, the spring holds ripe the promises of summer. There’s excitement in the air as my siblings and I look more closely at the projects for the year – the ones we have been thinking and talking about since last summer. We’re ordering supplies and discussing the prioritization of projects. Keeping an old place like Squabetty in tip top shape is a labor of love and talent. Because we are able to do most of the work ourselves, we know the quality meets our high standards. While our long term goal is to turn Squabetty over to the next generation in prime condition, the short term goal is to cherish the time in this heavenly place with family and friends. Feeling grateful.

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