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A Magical Place (Chad)

Squabetty is a magical place. We came here 9 years ago to celebrate the life of an incredible person. We were all so impressed with how our memories of Squabetty were even better than we thought. This incredible place has such special qualities. This is a place where memories are made. Thank you for sharing this one-of-a-kind place with us. We can't wait to return to Squabetty again someday. The home and property have everything you need to have a relaxing, restorative time.


Country Retreat Unique (Anne T)
There isn't anything on the property we didn't use! We shuffle-boarded, we dipped in the pool, an adventurous friend slept in the lean-to. We played ping-pong until way too late. We sent a group of 5 hiking to the top of Mount Mansfield... We referenced old trail guides in the house in search of a "lake in the clouds" to no success. We ate dinner on the porch and watched fireflies. We saw foxes, chipmunks, and I heard rumors of someone in the party seeing a moose. The barn is plenty large enough for any dance party to hold and is so charming on its own, I almost didn't bother with the decorations I had
brought for the wedding.


My New Favorite Spot in Vermont (Joe)

In addition to the amazing house, the location is spectacular. After the long drive up the driveway, you are quite literally on the side of Mt. Mansfield, with one of the peaks towering above you at all times. It is a perfect representation of the Green Mountains, and was a great way to show our friends why we are so proud to call Vermont our home.


Wedding Weekend (Emily K)

I cannot say enough how beautiful and wonderful the house and the surroundings are. When you are there you feel like you time has stopped and you can relax. The house was clean for us when we arrived and the caretaker was there to greet us.


Perfect Wedding Spot! (Deb)

The wedding guests were awed by the beautiful location and the trip up the road just added to the ambiance. Each night we were lulled to sleep by the stream running next to the house. Overall it was a fabulous stay and we hated to leave. What wonderful memories were made on the mountain!


We were blown away!  Can't wait to go back.  (Mary, Endfield, CT)

Squabetty is a magical place to stay. The property has everything you could want in a vacation getaway. 


A magical retreat with historic charm (JAV, Boston, MA)

The house cannot be described in pictures or words. The approach to the house seems to remove you from civilization until you suddenly arrive at your own private Vermont paradise. There is a fresh, gurgling mountain stream with small waterfall that you cross to arrive at the house. There are trails in the woods surrounding the house and plenty of yard-like area around the house for children or pets to play.


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