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About Us

Grandmother Deane found this magical place in 1931, an old abandoned farmhouse on an open mountain slope, Our Grandfather Deane named the property while tooling around the back roads of Vermont.  It was love at first sight -- imagine an old abandoned farmhouse!  She must have felt some magic or could envision what others couldn't.  


Our Grandfather Deane named the property, Squabetty, after the first Deane homestead in America.  He had no sons, so this would be the last Deane homestead in America.  

Over the years, four generations have come to love this place -- a getaway from their lives in the city.  Even though we all now live rural lives, the best days of each year is when we gather, multi-generations, to experience the magic all over again.  We have yet to find anyone who hasn't been charmed by her history and her location.  We know you will find her magic too.  And like us, you won't want to leave.

Towner, Gigi, Katie and Duncan

Grandmother Deane with our mother and aunt, circa 1932

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