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Something New Changes My Thinking

​Runamok Maple, the company which taps the trees on Squabetty land, has created a new flavor- ginger root infused maple syrup, which is delicious. We are fortunate to have plenty of maple syrup, but this infused sweet stuff is special – it would be delectable in a chicken dish, and enhance a cocktail such as a Dark and Stormy or Moscow Mule. My squash soup in the autumn will be extra delicious, infused with this new gem. Furthermore, pancakes and French toast taste better - if that's even possible. Okay, I do love ginger flavor. When infused maple syrups first came out, I considered them for someone else, but not me. I couldn’t understand how one could stray from good old pure maple syrup. But this ginger infused sweet stuff is changing my thinking. While I drink my coffee with a touch of maple syrup, I’m still not inclined to try the ginger infused in that! Not yet anyways.

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