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The Lazy Window

One of the most interesting pieces of design about Squabetty is our lazy window.  Growing up as kids, we thought it was just so cool that we had a window that slanted. It wasn't until recently that I decided to research lazy windows, since they are seen occasionally on other old farm houses in Vermont. Other names for this unusual window placement is witch window, coffin window and the Vermont window.  Witch windows are primarily found only on 19th century farmhouses in central and northern Vermont. The name came from the belief that witches could not fly their broom sticks out of tilted windows. It is unclear where the name coffin window came from. Some think perhaps it was the window used to get coffins out of second floors, thereby avoiding steep, narrow staircases. Tucking a window under an eave on the gable end of a house was one way to get fresh air and daylight into the second story. Dormer windows were unusual in old farmhouses, as they involved roof alterations and left rooms cold. Regardless of why we have a lazy window, it’s pretty cool to have yet another historical design feature, unique to Vermont farmhouses. 

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